I play the SAXOPHONE for the first time EVER
I play the saxophone for the first time ever. What should I play next?
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  • Davie504


    • maria lospinoso
      maria lospinoso

      Sei molto bravo a suonare il sax

    • You need to know!
      You need to know!

      First time playing the saxophone...ooo!...i think its too easy i should also buy😁😂😁

    • marialena ho
      marialena ho

      Wow! You are a good saxophonist. Keep playing!

    • Chez Frank
      Chez Frank

      I'm a sax player from Germany 🙋🏼‍♂️. I was stunning, how good you played, for the first time @davie504 😳. Really amazing🥰.

    • Quiet


  • Vincent DiCiccio
    Vincent DiCiccio

    Powers combined...play the bass saxophone.....

  • orion1820

    Now if Davie504 could only open up his throat and get a better tone... it is either that or his mic setup is horrid. I doubt it is the later but would have been better on a tenor sax instead of the alto.

  • Dr.Thiccensmerch

    Tone perfection

  • DFDalton1962

    I wouldn't have thought it possible to play saxophone even halfway presentable after only a few hours of practice. I mean, obviously it's a simple song and it sounds beginner-ish (not very musical). But he's actually getting sounds out of that thing that don't make you want to shove a rusty awl through your eardrums. I don't know if I should be, but I'm impressed. I guess it must not be that hard for a beginner to get consistently decent tone out of a saxophone as compared to, say, a French horn or oboe. Davie's proficiency on bass obviously helped a lot in learning the fingering on a slow song without too much trouble.

  • Klaus Peters
    Klaus Peters

    Did you really play that ? 😍


    Wait, you have a guitar Davie?

  • Cyxe

    As a 20 year alto sax player, my student model sax is crying that his sax is nicer

  • Isybusy01

    Next instrument: O C A R I N A 🦆

  • Aldrich

    Baritone Sax for B A S S

  • Yoinkify

    plot twist: it was his second time

  • savonaflyer

    Davide, non dire che non l'hai mai suonato il sax ( e pianoforte, idem some sopra ) perchè sarebbe una bestemmia. Io ho fatto il conservatorio e suono tutti gli strumenti come te, ma sono necessari anni di studio per suonare un pezzo come careless whisper e mesi per avere un'intonazione almeno decente. Visto che suoni lo sai anche tu. Il sax non è un'arminica a bocca e il piano non è una macchina da scrivere . Hai studiato, bene e parecchio. Non è un peccato dirlo, anzi. E' un peccato dire che lo suoni per la prima volta perchè non è credibile ed è ridicolo. Stavolta lo slap te lo sei meritato tu. Senza rancore ovviamente. Volevo solo dirti che è bello fare video virtuosi, ma i miracoli lasciamoli a chi li ha fatti 2000 anni fa. Scusa lo sfogo, ma sentirti suonare è un piacere, però mi sento quasi offeso quando, dopo anni di studi e sacrifici ( che hai fatto anche tu ) , trovo un ragazzo che afferma la sua totale ignoranza del nuovo strumento e poi lo suona come se fosse Charlie Parker. Firmato : un collega.

  • Alvaro Fernandez-Solino
    Alvaro Fernandez-Solino

    Bro is there any instrument you havent played yet ?

  • Jane Dough
    Jane Dough


  • Jarring Jason 24
    Jarring Jason 24

    Try trumpet that’s way harder than saxmaphone

  • MinAh Lee
    MinAh Lee


  • YTP Man
    YTP Man

    0:42 start playing

  • Tricks&Follies

    Me, a saxophonist: "It's his first time, there's no way he's gonna be able to play a song on it first try!" Davie504: *plays "Careless Whisper"* Me: *stares in surprise* *Nani?!*

  • Picante Drawings
    Picante Drawings

    This guy has the fanciest neck strap and sax, wait what mouthpiece is that? If this guy has a 200 dollar mouth piece I’m out

  • Vitório

    Tem coisa melhor que isso ?

    • Vitório


  • Michele Genchi
    Michele Genchi

    play French horn

  • Aloysius Rosario
    Aloysius Rosario

    George Michael forever

  • htc htc
    htc htc

    That's not the first try on the sax for Davie

  • Sam Ba
    Sam Ba

    i think you need to try pink panther on sax G# A B C G# A B C FE A C E EB----- DCAGA--- G# A B C G# A B C F E C E A G#----- G# A B C G# A B C F E A C E Eb ----- D C A G A----- BA G E D C E E# D E# D E# D E# D C A G A A---- C A G A A ---- C A G A A ---- G#----

  • princess hannah cute baby
    princess hannah cute baby


  • Christopher Wright
    Christopher Wright


  • Kriss Dokimos
    Kriss Dokimos


  • Michael Kral
    Michael Kral

    Play harmonica and trumpet, you'd have my respect ;)

  • Adam Samman
    Adam Samman


  • Carter Matheson
    Carter Matheson

    BARI SAX! It's Bass but Sax!

  • raccoon King17
    raccoon King17

    Play the bass saxophone

  • S. V.
    S. V.

    Davie,Davie;epic playing.Drums???

  • Eddie V
    Eddie V

    What no saxophone slapping?

  • RBZ

    this is your first time playing this?

    • SlavKing42

      Davie is just that big brain he knows everything

    • SlavKing42


  • Zakaria600


  • David McKinney
    David McKinney

    You are the best Davie 👌 you are multi talented I slapped the like button

  • Miriam Marino
    Miriam Marino

    Play clarinet Sono italiana🍕🇮🇹

  • Freya Diamond
    Freya Diamond

    when you will play bass again?😁

  • Blaze


  • WaybackProductions 12
    WaybackProductions 12

    As a alto saxophone player, *grabs popcorn*

  • Luis Freitas
    Luis Freitas

    WTF?!?!? Very nice Dave504.

  • Sam Ba
    Sam Ba

    I cant stop playing this, you played it really good for the first time on a 5 min reed ... lol

  • Sam Ba
    Sam Ba

    play an obo

  • maria lospinoso
    maria lospinoso




  • tadvanallen

    T U B A

  • Jonna lou gaming
    Jonna lou gaming


  • Daniel

    Cello's play!!!

  • loys albern caceres
    loys albern caceres

    play acostic guitar not bass

  • lepidopterial tim
    lepidopterial tim

    What's that Squier guitar doing in the background?!!! So sad

  • AdamantVibeTv

    I play 🎷

  • Егор Чуфаров
    Егор Чуфаров

    Wtf? Attention! Guitar on the background.

  • israel willian
    israel willian

    Omg, I'm saxofonist, I'm Brazilian. Approve. My slapp like ever

  • Luan Pascoal
    Luan Pascoal

    why dont you play a bass sax? Or like we call it in Brazil a Saxofone Tenor

  • Eduardo Henrique Meyer
    Eduardo Henrique Meyer

    0:43 name of music

    • 20 Rims
      20 Rims

      carless wishper

  • Kyle’s Corner
    Kyle’s Corner

    Play the baritone sax since it’s a bass.. instrument

  • Collin Tengeres
    Collin Tengeres


  • Mia Creighton
    Mia Creighton

    *me, a sax player* also me knowing the fingerings to careless whisper Davie: *fakes it*

  • Ghool Mehraboon
    Ghool Mehraboon


  • MAKI

    It's very weird if he play it with eyes open right?hahah

  • Yeetofleeto

    Play trumpet, trombone or baritone

  • Pinky Noble
    Pinky Noble

    👏👏👏 Saxophone music sets the mood for some loving, especially that song. I like old songs too like Careless Whisper.

  • Joseph O'Brien
    Joseph O'Brien


  • Morris Pro_x_gamer
    Morris Pro_x_gamer


  • Locke Spartan
    Locke Spartan

    Davie can actually slap anything

  • Zen


  • GeoTheZodiac

    I forgot davie had hair

  • Ray Drouillard
    Ray Drouillard


    • Pat


  • Xyren

    is there an instrument you can't play? smh

  • RetroDad

    Hey Davie! Professional sax player here. You actually sound really good for a beginner! I'd say the biggest things you should work on are breath control and pitch. It sounds like you're actually using too much air/overblowing, which causes it to sound honky and the pitch to be flat. Making sure that your cheeks aren't puffing out while you play should help with this. Your embouchure (position/seal of your mouth on the mouthpiece) looks good, but also make sure you're not biting too hard. If you pinch the reed too much it makes it much harder to make a sound, which may be the reason you're overblowing. Focus on pressure/seal from the corners rather than top to bottom. Think round and firm, but not tight. Also playing with a chromatic tuner will help you pinpoint your tendencies on certain notes (for example, open C# is *very* flat, which is completely normal - you can add the octave key and left third finger to improve the sound). Hope this helps!!

  • gentamustaine

    Seriously, did you major in conservatory of music?

  • Walney Raposo
    Walney Raposo


  • Anna Munson
    Anna Munson

    Nice editing

  • Goddi

    In german this track is also called the "Mösenöffner" xD

  • Bunchin BeMunchin
    Bunchin BeMunchin

    every saxophonist knows that there is no way this guy hasnt played the saxophone before

    • Ryan Carpenter
      Ryan Carpenter

      And to add, his tone sounds like he has been playing for a few years, 1st and 2nd year saxophonists sound like honking.

    • Marcel Rickman
      Marcel Rickman

      yea. maybe 2 weeks since he seems rly musically gifted and he just put in many hours a day

    • Dr.Thiccensmerch

      I feel like he played it for like a week or two. I'm giving him a lot of credit there too cause it's davie but that sounded like someone who's been playing for a month or two

    • Marcel Rickman
      Marcel Rickman

      bruh sounds like he played for a week at least

    • Nevaeh Raysor
      Nevaeh Raysor


  • Happylow11 -
    Happylow11 -

    For those who actually play the saxophone, he is playing Careless Whisper on the sacel of G... or is it computer editing?... Who knows 👀

  • Varun

    In the last song i can only imagine gandalf and his head bobbing.

  • Rikhav Sanjeev
    Rikhav Sanjeev

    Of course he’d play a meme piece

  • Dremis Derinfet
    Dremis Derinfet

    Accordion. You will have a great time.

  • Hintaxon 07
    Hintaxon 07

    I am convinced that Davie is a musical genius

  • Marcus Ho
    Marcus Ho

    Sax player here, and I can confirm that Davie did very well

    • Harambe's cousin
      Harambe's cousin


  • RAHEEL Jokhio
    RAHEEL Jokhio

    Have U ever try Tabla 😃

  • Василий Сидоров
    Василий Сидоров

    You must play the balalaika. Bass-balalaika !!!!

  • Abdullah Qureshi
    Abdullah Qureshi

    2:05 Davie you betrayed bass..

  • Li Jacky
    Li Jacky


  • Suja Pramod
    Suja Pramod

    Dude is it reall

  • 7D Saketh Bhat
    7D Saketh Bhat

    next time play tabla

  • Nachiket Kamod
    Nachiket Kamod

    Please play Hotel California by Eagles

  • Hailey Massey
    Hailey Massey

    this was amazing! I almost cried when you played Careless whisper. One of my friends was killed in a car wreck last year and he played saxophone, that was his favorite thing to play to annoy us with. I actually commented a while back and asked if you would learn it on bass, but this is so much better!!


    Play saxophone meme

  • Andrews piano Yx
    Andrews piano Yx


  • Emmett Johnson
    Emmett Johnson


  • joelson moreira
    joelson moreira

    Algum BR ai rsrs

  • Gabriel Stocco
    Gabriel Stocco

    omg , kkkk this is amazing, i want play so many instruments one part of my life, but im so lazy kkkkk

  • Zukirin


  • TizonaBlade

    Sax is really ez tho

  • CurryKingWurst

    Why not a bass saxophone?

  • Exter Eem
    Exter Eem

    Super skilled

  • Yt Prm
    Yt Prm

    davie questo è inaccettabile cosa è quella chitarra nello sfondo

  • skinny Stitch
    skinny Stitch