only 0.00000000000001% can play this
Reacting to the hardest & most impossible bassline in existence...
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      Kshitij 47

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      Ferdous KHALID

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    • Kshitij 47
      Kshitij 47

      @Ferdous KHALID I haven't told you either...😑😑...just don't poke your nose

  • lipoktemsu lipok
    lipoktemsu lipok

    5:56 Didnt notice that for a while

  • Mugiwara-MH

    5:22 top 3 moments davie break character.

  • Emon Trey
    Emon Trey

    Stopsaying slap for slaps sake

  • Daniel rozsa valentin
    Daniel rozsa valentin

    Ma sarebbe bello se facessi la cover di doom eternal

  • Klaus Peters
    Klaus Peters

    there is only ONE slapper 😁

  • stranraerwal

    When Davie smiles (by accident only, of course) it's like a sunrise. You should do it more often-like at the beginning of your phenomenal career. It gives your sinister cult figure a nice little charming touch.

  • Rossiccio -YT
    Rossiccio -YT

    il mio preferito sei stato tu

  • Benjamin Robinson
    Benjamin Robinson

    Flea: "look... the babies learning"



  • A YouTube Channel
    A YouTube Channel

    00000000000.1% can hold a bass like Davie504

  • Mr Gamer
    Mr Gamer


  • Mauri SM
    Mauri SM

    you can play your bassline without see (i dont speak english sorry for the bad traduccion)

  • Vixen Virus
    Vixen Virus

    pa hapaka kos base beh... hehehe

  • No Country For Old Men NC4OM
    No Country For Old Men NC4OM

    Send me your bass lmao

  • Vasilis Pollatos
    Vasilis Pollatos

    There are currently seven billion people alive today and the Population Reference Bureau estimates that about 107 billion people have ever lived. 0.00000000000001% corresponds to one person in ten quadrillion. So this practically suggests that no one has ever managed to play this.

  • bash mogd
    bash mogd

    you dont look italian,you look more like albanian


    Whats up SLAPPERS

  • Samuel Mwangi
    Samuel Mwangi

    4:16 Wait...Did he just answer the phone with his headphones on? Lmao

  • J squirrel
    J squirrel

    💕 5:23 🥰 also want to mention Flamenco technique. 🦩

  • Sonnenbaron

    xcellent and perfectly skilled :-)

  • Walk Through Music
    Walk Through Music

    He removed his headset .

  • Aanan Ahsan Abdullah
    Aanan Ahsan Abdullah

    Davi : (TT) We : (≧▽≦)

  • Henrique Marra
    Henrique Marra

    9:26 also my favorite one to be my husband. Address below please.

  • GsPeter100

    Davie you have awesome videos! Keep it up

  • Nicolas BLONDEAU
    Nicolas BLONDEAU

    Hey Davie, I know you will not see this message, but you should go to your Discord server, long time no see haha 😊

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  • Davide Riolo
    Davide Riolo

    Grande Davie 🤣

  • granate

    how can you be the winner when you did not show us how you are playing

  • thomas stevinson
    thomas stevinson

    My favorite 6:37

  • senyasser cruz ramirez
    senyasser cruz ramirez

    que es todo lo que dice :v?

  • Clicker Legend
    Clicker Legend

    0:43 why BASEline, it's BASSline

  • Guilherme Neto
    Guilherme Neto

    And the challenge of the ichika myth ????

  • Drew Pattinson
    Drew Pattinson

    Gary willis would make you look like a baby boy

  • Ariston-Vina Marie Damot
    Ariston-Vina Marie Damot

    "Send me your bass and I'll make you the winner!" Haha! Before, I watch this guy for his bass playing, but more recently because of his sense of humor! More power to you Daveee!


    I feel a lot of guilt every time he says what’s up slappers, I play guitar

  • A Plebeian
    A Plebeian

    "Best blowing skills prize" I bet the beard helps

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    Serge Tokarev


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    Bruno Gasiani


  • yoisho

    Fiera di venire dallo stesso paese del tipo che ha suonato meglio lol

  • primate interface technologies
    primate interface technologies

    you've got to hold your tongue just right play that one, that's for sure... a skill which the fairer half of humanity will appreciate as well. my main point being... um... well I forgot. no doubt due to my frantic enthusiasm, and booze, and pot. sometimes it's hard to tell what I've said out loud or written, from what I just thought, silently, with my brain... you know? peace man.

  • Gilles van Zeebroeck
    Gilles van Zeebroeck

    So if we were to take PRB’s statistic that since 2019 a total of 108,760,543,791 humans have ever lived on this planet and since only 0,00000000000001% can play it there is or has been at least one other person capable of playing 0,087605% of that piece... So it’s not exclusive to one person... Pfff you had me worried there 😂

  • Irish Brickhouse
    Irish Brickhouse

    "I Like You... No HoMo!" BAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Joseph Biancorosso
    Joseph Biancorosso

    Unfortunately, hardly anyone hires bass players like they used to. Now we hire keyboard players that are skilled at left handed bass to save money. I used to be a bass player and then I had to switch for economical reasons. I'm trying to figure out if you're comedy is even better that your skilled bass playing LOL

  • Dan Murphy
    Dan Murphy

    hey Davie504 I think you there are too many bassists playing jazz basses and I have an idea of how you can sneak out of the pack and really become unique. So my idea is you get yourself a precision bass and then double the pick ups so you have a PP-bass.

  • Robert Lintner
    Robert Lintner

    Who was 2:45 cause that is exactly what I was thinking as well

  • Joshua Grube
    Joshua Grube

    Where's Les Claypool when you need him?

  • Tobi Klassen
    Tobi Klassen


  • Ghost Ghostlt
    Ghost Ghostlt

    Davie do you play chess online?

  • Evaristo San Martín
    Evaristo San Martín

    Buen canal, espero poder entenderte mas, no se tu idioma pero aprenderé, un abrazo.

  • L'Homme Au Béret
    L'Homme Au Béret

    05:15 Jethro tull 😜

  • Piggoni

    8:05 "finish him!!"

  • Rickroller567 2nd
    Rickroller567 2nd

    I have done this haha

  • leadguitar24


  • Marcello Ubaldi
    Marcello Ubaldi

    sei bravo a suonare ma non a emozionare, perchè non provi a cambiare?

  • Howdy15

    The edm funk remix thing at 6.25 is sickkk

  • Nima Moshirpanahi
    Nima Moshirpanahi

    The coffee guy😂😂😂😂😂

  • Николай Лис
    Николай Лис

    2:15 играет может не так технично, но душевно :)

  • Eric Adamson
    Eric Adamson

    Roland makes real drums now?

  • Marc Davatz
    Marc Davatz

    I am guitarist, but I just discovered that I prefer Bass and I have a bit a hard time changing and learning the different technics. With your help I will manage. Ciao

  • Scottish Nymph
    Scottish Nymph

    Only 0.00000000000001% can step on Lego without any facial expression.

  • Guitar Guy
    Guitar Guy


  • Cobain


  • CHockey21

    he is god

  • Instituto Português de Taichi e Chikung
    Instituto Português de Taichi e Chikung

    The best one was... *slap!!!* Davie504!... did you expect anyone else??????????

  • khaliD kroini
    khaliD kroini

    yag3ar hbibna

  • kgedeon gedon
    kgedeon gedon

    dont snd italian enough ok

  • kgedeon gedon
    kgedeon gedon

    avg/tnspn 8min

  • kgedeon gedon
    kgedeon gedon

    what a Yard! - dude kherem

  • Сергей Ничеготакого
    Сергей Ничеготакого

    Че это за рожа? )))) Че тут происходит? )))

  • Antonio miguel Soares
    Antonio miguel Soares

    The piano sounded like shit

  • Michael Nielsen
    Michael Nielsen

    The sparkly one at the end was best.😎😎

  • Juan Pablo Porras Lara
    Juan Pablo Porras Lara

    Actually i did play this with a little bit of difficulty AND i make my own arrangement on percussion finger Style of those simple riff . With all respect. Do you speak like a robot naturally or ITS just a way to look or be diferent (weird). You know like Mark Zuckenberg that acts like a Lizard or a robot. I bet that you are the Best dancer in robot Style.

  • Curtis Hayes
    Curtis Hayes

    You're very cool.

  • Marc Dumont
    Marc Dumont

    the expensive one!

  • Am Am
    Am Am

    Fan from thailand.

  • Mr. Bugsy Bug
    Mr. Bugsy Bug

    My favourite was Davie504... EPIC

  • John Stevens
    John Stevens

    I’m gonna do the flamingo technique on my wife’s t*at.

  • AngCar

    The black guy was my fav cause the cool diging what is doing face ...ohhh and the cool hat 😎

  • chico kanketsu
    chico kanketsu

    Remember, no homo

  • Jon Focker
    Jon Focker

    nice you gave props to your favs at the end. slappy

  • Timon Tide
    Timon Tide

    His fingers are so freakin long.

  • FoolishlyFoolishFool

    Bass and drums are best friends because neither are musicians.


    I'm dead when he said big black fluid

  • Leandro Sunga-Lopez
    Leandro Sunga-Lopez

    Tripple carmera guy version 2 at time 6:37 lol

  • Eliass Zhouu
    Eliass Zhouu

    Whats up slappers!

  • Dan D
    Dan D

    Try & check-mate Dr. Funk :-)

  • Its Darkbyte
    Its Darkbyte

    Davie is the only bald person on this planet that can play it perfect. 5:35

  • Jörgen Edlund
    Jörgen Edlund

    Haha! This was very entertaining!

  • Robert Croce
    Robert Croce

    Your good AND you are FUNNY

  • 10. Jaye Frondoza
    10. Jaye Frondoza

    Hey Davie504 why don't you form a band?

  • be4stable

    The first 45 seconds I feel like I am tripping

  • Anders Svensson
    Anders Svensson

    When music becomes a sport without any feeling whatsoever !

  • jk haven
    jk haven

    5:18 LMAO!


    im actually interested in playing chess with you!

  • Cesar Silva
    Cesar Silva

    O canal mais divertido do SLtoos Você italiano como eu e é perfeito, mas não tanto quanto eu, errou 0,01 milissegundos aqui e aqui kkk

  • The Riffleman's Lair
    The Riffleman's Lair

    My hardest Baseline really? as in BASE?

  • Rafael de Almeida Nogueira
    Rafael de Almeida Nogueira

    Hahaha bro this chanel is funny

  • Rot Rose
    Rot Rose

    there is a misscalculation 1/ x 100 isn t equal to what davie write

  • Eric Hansen
    Eric Hansen

    That was hilarious and great bass playing!

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