I Speak Normally For The First Time EVER
Speaking and sharing some thoughts about the past few years
also real personality reveal here
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      you are still weird and it won't change for me ... NEVER :! ;)

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    I hope you are better now! Thank you for this video! You are an inspiration to so many, please don't forget that. Keep being strong!

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    Thank you for your humor. It caused me to watch, while you introduced me to a style of bass that I did not know existed. Many SLtoosrs try to be funny, but I have sincerely laughed out loud on more than one occasion while watching one of your videos. I hope you feel energized by your loyal fans. We love what you do and how you do it!

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    thanks davie for the laughs

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    Your videos are a beacon of hope and pride for all bass players. Thank you.

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    Best therapy time ever!

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    i wanna see videos challenging and critiquing other bassists. your insights as a music expert are informative and interesting and it's hard to find that information in an entertaining way. kind of like what you used to do with fiverr. that stuff wasn't bad at all

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    Are you able to play the base cello or a banjo, or the bagpipes or the Accordion

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    Sometimes when you get lower views it doesn't necessarily mean that it is a bad video. It could be just because people are busy doing other stuff in their life. Just like me, watching this video few weeks later than others. Making new contents is always great. Creating is always great.

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    This video really cheered me up. Stay funky you too 🥲😌

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    This is my favorite video of yours! Thanks for your openness!

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    You are awesome ❤️✨

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    Saw this 2 months later! Stay funky!

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    And that be the reason i thought u were French🙆🏾🤣

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    Your name reminds me of my Peugeot 504 that i left in Africa mate🥺😅. Are you called that because the 504 is a French legend?

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    Anyways I'm subscribing can't believe I just found you today, now 😔

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    No home boi you shouldn't invalidate your feelings. Gotta acknowledge them, but don't let them take over you aight! 😼👌

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    Congratulations, weirdo.

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    EPIC, we don’t want the NWO we want more videos of DAVIE504

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    That water bill line......Sykkuno?!

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    Been subscribed since 2016 and you've never answered any of my comments :(

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    Keepin it Real Bro, luv the Channel , Stay Strong and the Passion for Bass Shines thru 👍

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    Thanks for doing this! The approach you took on this video made me feel I was listening to a good old friend. It's nice to see you out of character too.

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    i hope he can slapp me in public

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    I literally cried through the whole video!!! Absolutely love you, beau.

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    I'm actually a shy person impossible lol. Davie is one of the World's Most Fascinating People I have now concluded. :)

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    Who else finally subbed after seeing this video?

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    Davie said “BASSically” 504 times in this video.

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    Many wise words said. More of this... not that you stop to "play" you role. But some of this occasionally would really make it even more viewable... Thanks Davie


    I finally found out who narrated the first OK COMPUTER track

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    He laughed-

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    This was really a heartwarming video, thanks for being so authentic.

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    Mi aspettavo uno "Stronzi!" dopo i titoli di coda ... ❤️

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    I think his name is Davie504 because he was born on the 4th of May rigth?

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    3:27 davie504 is spiderman confirmed / reveal

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    You’re awesome man! I enjoy your content. You are talented and entertaining.

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    james shandrick,jr

    Love your videos!!

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    Davie, if the SLtoos gig doesn't work out, you could always be a session musician or join a band! You've also got some video making skills, and with 9M subs, you could help other people build their YT channels as a paid consultant. 9M subs has a lot of brand cachet!

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    I too have different personality 😅

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    I just realized you have more than 0.1% of the entire world subbed to you. Or, to put it in context, any random person is more likely to be subbed to you than to die of the Rona. Mind blown eh? There are many bassists who don't have a channel but instead are part of a band. Why don't you do a critique of those guys? I suggest the following groups: The Hindley Street Country Club-- their bassist also arranges most of the songs, The Classic Rock Show-- this guy's a little crazy but can play John Entwhistle like nobody's business, Leonid and Friends-- band leader and driving force Leonid Vorobyev is also the usual bass player, Lexington Lab Band-- the leader plays multiple instruments including bass as well as being a phenomenal singer, Foxes and Fossils-- the bassist is rumored to have not hit a wrong note in 15 years.

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    h u g

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    I hit the subscribe button because of this video. It's nice to see the real you. You are the best bass player I've ever heard. Hold onto your passion, and realize how gifted you are.

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    love you, davie

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    I like every video you put up man!!

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    Hey man, don't forget to give yourself a break every now and again. Try something new, something non youtube related. Go for a walk. Listen to the birds. I'm not even joking. Disconnection is the other side of the connection coin. Gotta have one, to appreciate the other. Look forward to seeing you slap the bass next, when you feel like doing it. Up to you though. Love out to you Davie 😎👊❤

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    This was very epic video 😤👌🏼🔥 Real men talk about their feelings 😌

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    We love you davie, keep doing what you're doing and we'll support you all the way :)

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    En este mundo hace falta más gente como David504, un grande.

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    Just noticed his eyes are like Stallone's...OMG! EPIC find!

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    Everything is weird because of the pandora

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    I never get recommendations for these videos so i have to search for them

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    No Life King

    I found your channel maybe a month ago and it's been a huge bright spot in my day since. I feel like my whole life music was this community that I would never be a part of, because I didn't learn growing up. Watching your videos makes me feel like I'm, "Part of the club." if that makes sense. It's a very good feeling and I'm now looking into buying my first bass and amp as a result. As others have said in the comments, don't forget to take some time for yourself and just be proud of the success your hard work has brought you.

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    David is Spider-Man confirmed. Bass strings are actually his 🕸

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    Yo uh , he smiled

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    It’s cool to see the serious side of Dave. Hope your views have been going up.

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    I think you're doing an awesome job mate,,my question is are you ever going to join a band?

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    I'm gonna learn bass only for you

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    For a different angle, have you ever gone out onto the streets to play?

  • Roblox in geniral
    Roblox in geniral

    The meaning of 504: The Plan is a plan developed to ensure that a child who has a disability identified under the law and is attending an elementary or secondary educational institution receives accommodations that will ensure their academic success and access to the learning environment.

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    Man, that was really brave Broseph. Respect.

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    i can`t stop thinking of why someone`s just slapped the dislike button

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    Booger reveal at 9.4 mil

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    I laugh every time watching your video! Excellent works! 💕

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    I JUST ran into you today and I think you are awesome.... Have you and Marc Rebillet ever thought about jamming together sometime.... for some reason I think you guys would complement each other weirdly enough in a session. together... ( now subscribed btw :) I like all things music...even the guitar... lol

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    As someone new, I don't really find him boring so yeah

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    i dont know if this helps but I picked up the bass because of you.

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    Hoopties Garage

    How hard is it for you to speak english? Does it feel natural? When I try other languages it feels unnatural. Thanks Davie

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    Como estas mi estimado Davie504, disculpa que escriba en español pero realmente no se ingles, solo para saludar jejeje, muy emotivo tu video y a tí te agradezco por que conocí tu canal hace unas dos semanas porque me intoxique con mata mosquitos por accidente y me puse a ver videos para relajarme y el primer video que vi fue "99.9% CANNOT Play This Bassline..." y me encanto la melodía y me relajo totalmente, te agradezco por esa lucha que haces diario para hacer un video que en mi caso ya soy tu fan; aprenderé a tocar el bajo ya que es un proyecto que tengo años que quiero realizar pero por falta de voluntad no lo he realizado. Espero algún día leas mi comentario y te agradezco por ayudarme a relajar ese día que me sentía muy mal, que Dios te bendiga a tí a tu novia y a tu familia, saludos desde Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, México. Espero algún día nos visites esta hermoso mi estado, si vienes no dudes en contactarme con gusto te atenderé.

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    Somehow I missed this before enjoyed it added a like much respect davey thanks for all the vids!!!

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    This was nice to see. Keep rockin Davie!

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    9 million subscriptions is a lot, it means you are certainty doing something right. For at least > 9 million people, and I love your humor it is more deep and ironic. You need a little bit of brains to understand irony, people who dislike your vid’s or send you hate mail. Well they miss that little bit of extra brain power. You can’t blame people for being a dummy. It’s just in there nature to scream and shout to everything they don’t understand. Keep it going, I just found out about you and I really enjoy your vids, and your massive talent!

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    Lovely video 🙏🏼

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    I thought you were going to speak in a different accent.

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    The amount of sincerity in this video is jarring, yet inspirational.

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    play more bass maybe :)

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      not enough bass videos though his chanel ?

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    Thanks for sharing so much about yourself, it was nice to hear!

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    I think i've watched this video 3 times already and i defenitely will come back

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    With great power... Spiderman?

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    Come to india, We love u

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    You are the reason why a ditched my guitar, and also you are very funny, and make and my friends laugh. IDk what Stronze means but ...... * stronze 🤌 *


    This video make my heart melt because i know how much u struggle to get here . Love from Shillong, Meghalaya. And yes after one year you'll get 20 million subscribers for sure.

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    Thanks so much davie you have inspired me so much and just made me so happy in my life I was diagnosed with clinical depression and since I started watching you're videos I have fully recovered and since I started playing bass my mom has also been so supportive which has never really happened to me before I just want to say thank you so much for helping me through such tough times

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    i really like it this video :D

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    Huge plot twist

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    SLtoos randomly suggested one of your videos to me a few days ago and I’ve watched some of your stuff since then. I don’t play bass, although I really enjoy songs with heavy bass lines. Anyhoo, good stuff! Pretty entertaining. You’ve got yourself a new sub.

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    Your uncle was very wise.

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    Grazie Davie504, non ti abbattere per i dislike, sono persone che stanno giù di morale

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    Seeing davie sad is rlly heartbroken- :(