These Pianists Said I Couldn't Play This on Bass.. So I Played It
These pianists challenged me to play these piano parts on bass... they thought I couldn't but...
Joe Jenkins:
Daniel Thrasher:
Mattias Krantz:
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  • Davie504


    • WebMafia Gaming
      WebMafia Gaming

      dat gr *8*

    • Francesca S
      Francesca S

      Check and Mate. Nice slapping!



    • Godzilla义


    • V_ Music
      V_ Music

      @THE THINKER Every instrument wins :)

  • Henry Timbrell
    Henry Timbrell

    Bass sounds much better

  • The Cubing Prodigy
    The Cubing Prodigy

    I'm a better pianist than my dad and an adult. Finally. 3 Years of hard work.

  • Emiliano Hernández
    Emiliano Hernández

    I wanna see that diamond button 🅱️🅰️SS

  • mkna vg
    mkna vg

    Why don't you have a lyre playing contest? onaip si retteb yb eht yaw.

  • Marko Povrzan
    Marko Povrzan

    Wrong jojo

  • Kaiden Lake
    Kaiden Lake

    Guitars the greatest instrument in the entire wooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllldddddddd and if you don't like guitar this is war

  • oversimplified cookie monster
    oversimplified cookie monster

    legend allert

  • oversimplified cookie monster
    oversimplified cookie monster

    this guy has so big fingers he can pickup popcorn you alredy ate

  • Guilherme Dias
    Guilherme Dias

    oh god, you did!

  • provyprov

    I pranked the heck out of them by subscribing and commenting that I love them. They are so pranked

  • Francesca S
    Francesca S

    Serious talent on that bass. Next level.

  • The Kidts
    The Kidts


  • Shea McGary
    Shea McGary

    Their "arguments" make for good vid content. Im sure they all know that bass (in any form) AND piano (in any form) cant hold a candle to Future Man's Synth-Axe Drumitar.

  • Vlad The Russian
    Vlad The Russian

    Piano chekm8

  • Mizzie Pox
    Mizzie Pox

    Lol thats how to roast 🔥 🔥🔥

  • Mizzie Pox
    Mizzie Pox

    1:11 somebody’s grammy died and left a broken dream


    He does know that Mattias is a guitarist right?

  • Rafael

    Pianists? More like PEEanists!

  • Thanshok Zimik
    Thanshok Zimik

    This is warrrrrr

  • Hardhik Nunna
    Hardhik Nunna


  • Ethan Tzanos
    Ethan Tzanos

    Base is the best

  • Null BG
    Null BG

    bro i dont fell like ur really basing it

  • Loric Havard
    Loric Havard


  • Dom.

    Who gave Rocky a bass guitar

  • nana bans
    nana bans

    Did he just say Davie suck at bass lmfao he's hurting.. who hurt him..?

  • nana bans
    nana bans

    I can imagine the pianist guy saying "and I took that personally" bcs his face looks like a person who would likely to say that 😿

  • Adrianna Worley
    Adrianna Worley

    Bass is always better then piano

  • Cameron Sitton
    Cameron Sitton

    Jokes on him: all the pianists just really wanted to hear those songs played on the bass

    • Francesca S
      Francesca S

      That's what I'm thinking.

  • kaiCast

    I can't tell if he's overdubbing to make this work, or if he's just being casual about how good of a musician he is

  • Benjamin Fischer
    Benjamin Fischer

    Admittedly, Piano is very easy to learn, but its capable of many things

  • Arlene Guevara
    Arlene Guevara


  • Zak

    Very impressive

  • Lucas Miller
    Lucas Miller

    Really want to see you play Chopin’s winter wind etude on bass

  • Cael Karlson
    Cael Karlson

    Davie504, you just insulted me, I'm a pianist but I also play bass and slap bass

  • sfrenati

    Mitico! Anzi… EPIC!

  • Brayden Freeman
    Brayden Freeman

    Bass gang here, bass is actually limited to a few hundred playable song, for example I’m guessing you can’t play fur’ Elise on base

  • gennaro

    The bass piano sounded amazing and you didn’t do the exact notes like the fast part

  • fin

    I play two instruments but I’ll just say I play drums not piano for this occasion-

  • KennedyPuckett Music
    KennedyPuckett Music

    Pretty good my friend but be warned! The final boss of the pianist is a vigorous foe. Never in my life have I seen such a girthy pianist!!!

  • GDOjuice


  • Samuel Uchytil
    Samuel Uchytil

    Bass sounds so much better.

  • Rune Sejr
    Rune Sejr


  • Hardick Talukdar
    Hardick Talukdar


  • Frank Frank
    Frank Frank

    You are far further from good. Son sardo. Sei un grande. Amo il piano ma come tocchi il basso e lo post produci.

  • LMF5000

    Impressive bass playing, and the theme song sounded better on bass than the piano, but river flows in you sounded better on the piano. You're limited to just 4 simultaneous notes on the bass since you only have 4 strings, but an ordinary piano is physically capable of 88 simultaneous notes. In river flows in you, you only had one bass note playing at a time, whereas the piano had 3-4 bass notes playing simultaneously (arpeggios in the left hand whose sound is kept going by means of the sustain pedal). You'd need multiple bassists playing at once (or overdubbing) to achieve the same effect as a single pianist.

  • I.M Art drawings
    I.M Art drawings


  • imglidinhere

    The degree of memeage is impressive with Davie.

  • Smarty 7040
    Smarty 7040


  • Kirito Pak
    Kirito Pak

    No doubt bass and piano are both best in their way

  • devindi


  • Joshua Holland
    Joshua Holland

    Daniel thrashers way better then you dude

  • Twisted Wildfire
    Twisted Wildfire

    Okay, but frfr River Flows In You sound nice on bass.

  • Manfred Zimmermann
    Manfred Zimmermann

    I love the fact that he blended in a picture of Jotarou when he said the name Giorno Giovanni xd

  • Swindly

    Im not even gonna lie this is just impressive Davie504 just full on ripping on the competition

  • A Coder's Journey
    A Coder's Journey


  • bener covers
    bener covers

    These SLtoosrs are like children, every instrument is hard bass piano drums everything is hard and it's why WE musicians play it because we are stumble people that like to challenge ourselves and play some music and even create it so stop that shit everybody knows that the difficult instrument is 🥁... Nothing every single instrument is hard, but ones are harder than others like drums and bass to me they are the best friends but bass move more the fingers and the drums move every part of your body, even your fingers, and others think to...😂

  • Kurenar Bervakien
    Kurenar Bervakien

    Such a work of art

  • trent osborn
    trent osborn

    I fucking love this

  • Renewin Celestian
    Renewin Celestian

    The first war was 🅱️🅰️SS versus violain ,now 🅱️🅰️ss verus PIANIST,>NANI

  • Bottle_ neck_BD
    Bottle_ neck_BD


  • George Edwards
    George Edwards

    👍👍👍👍👍BASE IS BEST👍👍👍👍👍

  • Eragon

    Well, I love piano but... bass bass and one more time bass!

  • DaDestsroyer 3000
    DaDestsroyer 3000


  • burh lmao
    burh lmao

    People who don’t know that tapping exists: you cannot play both the melody and bass at the same time on a plucked string instrument

  • BłuëH

    River flows in you actually sounds better in bass 😂...

  • Big Bonede
    Big Bonede

    You lost the river flows in you 🤣 not that you had much of a chance on that one though

  • Around stuff
    Around stuff


  • dallas dallas
    dallas dallas

    my man got huge hands which is a good thing

  • Arriba DMuniz
    Arriba DMuniz


  • Kat M
    Kat M

    Question... can you play Chopin’s Torrent etude or Chopin’s Ballade No 1on bass?

  • Bruna Rosário
    Bruna Rosário

    I feel like I'm betraying my instrument but I loved this

  • candy

    Super saw

  • Renato Avalos
    Renato Avalos

    That's a cool 4 string piano! ❤

  • WargamingEdward

    *Piano is better I gotchu joe Jenkins* 😂😂😂

  • Hellas

    hell yeah

  • Imran Hakim
    Imran Hakim


  • Rossiccio -YT
    Rossiccio -YT


  • Spider Maus
    Spider Maus

    I'm an original pianist, so I learned bass to play the drums too and I like all of them❤

  • Brandon Peterson
    Brandon Peterson

    Bass sounds better

  • Athea Alvarado
    Athea Alvarado

    The "River flows in you" is really cool in bass tho ;))

  • Athea Alvarado
    Athea Alvarado

    Talks about giorno giovanna's theme then puts a picture of jotaro kujo 👁👄👁

  • Infant Incinerator
    Infant Incinerator


  • Shion Ch. 黒神シオン
    Shion Ch. 黒神シオン

    Proving them wrong hahahahaha

  • kayakyoin

    The piano one sounds ba... ba.... ba... Bad(der)

  • Mr. Riddle
    Mr. Riddle

    Make a bass out of cardboard and rubber bands

  • Shivang Kashyap Baruah
    Shivang Kashyap Baruah

    Where are these fools now? Lol!!!

  • Mr. Riddle
    Mr. Riddle


  • Zovi Renthlei
    Zovi Renthlei


  • BruceDwayne Gaming
    BruceDwayne Gaming


  • PaulTheJedi2010

    I dont which side im on o play both

  • Scythe Scathach
    Scythe Scathach

    Breaking the violin now hurt my very core.. I fcking felt it.....

  • Minecraft 101
    Minecraft 101

    You know did anyone ever think about putting piano strings on a bass

  • Bob Snake
    Bob Snake

    I play piano and bass so I guess im like American nazi in the 40s

  • Sourabh belgal
    Sourabh belgal

    Last song though❤️

  • Logan HUTCHERSON #16
    Logan HUTCHERSON #16


  • Bill Minyard
    Bill Minyard

    Death is immanent to any and all challengers. Get the wooden boxes ready.....

  • Công Nguyễn Đăng Quốc
    Công Nguyễn Đăng Quốc

    You check8ed ALMOST every pianist in the vid but to be true, Mattias Krantz nailed it =)))))))

  • Damin Khan
    Damin Khan


  • Nefarious Kitkat
    Nefarious Kitkat

    One person challenging him to play the flight of the bumblebee could beat him ( think)