These TikTok Bassists Need to be STOPPED
I went on TikTok and reacted to some of the most popular bass videos...
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Videos I reacted to:
Mina GF band
Bass & beatbox

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  • Davie504

    bassists with hair need to be STOPPED too

    • Alexander Callahan
      Alexander Callahan

      I haven’t watched a video from David in a while, so what happened to his hair

    • Mr Packer
      Mr Packer

      Then shave your eyebrows

    • Yuuki Kun
      Yuuki Kun

      Im Sorry I will shave my head to be an Epic bassist now

    • krαѕtєr Edмαη
      krαѕtєr Edмαη

      Hey davie y did u shave..? Was that cuz of a medicine or smth.. I need to make sure ur ok.. Your friend Giovanni from Italy :)

    • Sofia Duranti
      Sofia Duranti


  • Sonic Dave
    Sonic Dave

    Can't wait for Jujutsu Kaisen S2. Loved the anime. 7:32 what song and from what series assuming its an anime.

  • Howie Jack
    Howie Jack

    first girl is going to get carpal tunnel before she turns 22 lmao

  • G M
    G M

    The less hair you have, the more head you get!

  • Thundermoon Gaming
    Thundermoon Gaming

    4:54 it says"are u a bassist? Your not that important in a band tho because the audience cant hear u"

  • Rohan Kishibe
    Rohan Kishibe

    filipino fbassist 4:54

  • Benjamin Sokoro
    Benjamin Sokoro

    Anime Music is interesting

  • Ole Corvers
    Ole Corvers

    yes tik tok is very riky it is realy bad and the safty is bad to


    4:54 davie speak about the language Me: it's tagalog man I am a Filipino but I am good at english

  • Lance David
    Lance David

    The language you said you can't understand means You're a Bassist I think thats not important in the band, We can't even hear it.

  • Pog-a-pog

    I am 6666th comment ( I hope)

  • •대박Meichi•

    You need to be stopped too lol

  • agoodpro me
    agoodpro me

    lol davie make tik tok video just to teach people how to slap

  • Hassan Onim
    Hassan Onim

    Love you BassGod💙

  • Marc Riendeau
    Marc Riendeau

    I have been a musician for most of the 60 years I have been alive, and have seen and heard many bass players. While a select few come close to the level of Davie504 when it comes to tapping, strumming, finger playing, and pulloff skills on the bass, I think Davie504 is definitely the 2nd best ever when it comes to SLAP.

  • Dave Lasam
    Dave Lasam

    One Slap Man Stage 3 😁

  • Ghaith Hafez
    Ghaith Hafez

    shhhhhhh 🔥🔥😯

  • Julius Sempai
    Julius Sempai

    Eve's bass lines *s l a p p*

  • Mohd Abyzhar
    Mohd Abyzhar

    DUET HIM ON TIKTOKK !!!!!!!!

  • Kayak Fan
    Kayak Fan

    That mii channel one is pretty damn good

  • Moi Soi
    Moi Soi

    i dono why but is that a bold cap or did he actually shave it?

  • Polar Sage
    Polar Sage

    hahaha at work we got a guy named Juan


    In 4:49, the caption says: "Oh, So You're A Bassist? Bassists aren't even Important in a band, we can't hear it." It's in filipino by the way.

  • nana bans
    nana bans


  • El Revolver Magnum 357mm De Daisuke Jigen
    El Revolver Magnum 357mm De Daisuke Jigen


  • brandon wood
    brandon wood

    Your takes are always cleaner than the challenger's and I love it

  • Sono Qui
    Sono Qui

    Hai vinto fratello ❤️

  • Roberto Rivoltella
    Roberto Rivoltella

    Senza capelli hai raggiunto il livello finale

  • Sean R
    Sean R

    so many left-handed bassists. THEY MUST BE STOPPED!

  • DarkSouls Bloodborne
    DarkSouls Bloodborne

    You are the best bassists ever 47 !

  • TV kat
    TV kat

    Bruh when he goes bald?

  • Onaka Shiki
    Onaka Shiki

    i subscribed!

  • Kaedan

    Meanwhile the first one is sped up. Davie: this is not a problem

  • JOHNジョン

    I'm a simple man, if I see Mina I click. 👍😀

  • Nati Aboneh
    Nati Aboneh

    you know you re on the right track in bass when THE Davie504 says "keep slapping that bass"

  • amsh.

    Bass guitar is useless just like me.

  • Knowhere

    You are even less reactive than a nordic.

  • Andrea Bettella
    Andrea Bettella

    Which song is at 2:54 ?

  • RandazzoRLS

    So you are a REAL slapper! But I challenge you to slap SERVI DELLA GLEBA by EelST, and no cuts! Live...

  • Pe Ski
    Pe Ski

    Girlfriend- great band and unreal bassist go check out their cover of flash

  • Gregory Kl
    Gregory Kl

    Your jogs about hair very funny bro

  • Jackceed Plays
    Jackceed Plays

    Omg I love kaikai kitan

  • KB

    Can you play Glove by Nathan Hughes ?

  • Beautiful Girl
    Beautiful Girl

    4:58 the language in the caption that you cant understand is Tagalog which is the language of the Filipino

  • Frozen Capt.
    Frozen Capt.

    Dude this SLAPS

  • Sofia Duranti
    Sofia Duranti

    3:26 jHoN rIcHaRd dEaCoN

  • Pseneth V
    Pseneth V

    I stopped watching for a few months and now Davie's bald, what the f happened?

  • Dawid Rożnowski
    Dawid Rożnowski

    I forgot about this channel for a few months... soooo can someone explain me wth is with his head?

  • Andrea Jeremiah Armada
    Andrea Jeremiah Armada


  • This Channel
    This Channel

    At 04:50, Translation: "Are you a bassist? It's not that important in a band, because it's not heard." Language: Tagalog Hope this helps

  • Orthane

    Smoke on the water is the first rift I learned how to play from my Dad lol.

  • Fuad Torres
    Fuad Torres

    LOL. LOL. My gosh you face zooms. The baldness. The responses. Your funny.

    • Fuad Torres
      Fuad Torres

      Re commenting at the end because I am the zoom ups are just so good.

  • K̶o̶o̶k̶i̶e̶ ̶k̶o̶o̶k̶i̶e̶s̶
    K̶o̶o̶k̶i̶e̶ ̶k̶o̶o̶k̶i̶e̶s̶

    4:57 Davie the captions are in tagalog and Tagalog is used by philipinos the translation: are you a bassist? It's not not really important to a band since you can barely hear it anyways

    • Mousikí Nóta
      Mousikí Nóta

      Imagine davie noticing you in tiktok using while you are using tagalog words, lmao naol

  • shannon

    please take off the bald cap now

  • Jake Leviathan
    Jake Leviathan

    Dude you are absolutely hilarious 🤣🤣

  • Iskandar A.
    Iskandar A.

    why the hell is he bald

  • Skullz

    0:33 i knew it was eve.. but i didnt know what song it was xDDDDDDDDD damn its called kaikai kitan ITS F**KING AWESOME always loved eve from osu days

  • Henrique Malcate
    Henrique Malcate

    Cant understand what is happening with his right hand

  • Cayden Woz
    Cayden Woz

    The first bassist is sped up

  • TheGamingBrit

    I been gone a while, someone wanna explain why he is now bald?

  • Neko rawr
    Neko rawr


  • Drak3 RiZ
    Drak3 RiZ

    Tiktok dog

  • Echo Jaspher
    Echo Jaspher

    Am i the only one here who saw this guy finally for a lomg time? . Also can someone tell me what happened to his hair?

  • Akhin Abonmei
    Akhin Abonmei

    if like can give unlimited i will 😃

  • Jazz Jorge
    Jazz Jorge

    The OMG at the end always gets me

  • Kendall Ivy
    Kendall Ivy

    You actually played it better, with some funk, some stank and some feeling. Good on ya mate. Oh yeah, and you are funny af.

  • Santiago R
    Santiago R

    Sacha Baron Rogan, fun video

  • Azwan Thyrel
    Azwan Thyrel

    I have always love Davie504's version more.

  • Jonathan Wicaksono
    Jonathan Wicaksono

    Pierluigi Collinaaaaa

  • Eljay Lomibao Rabot
    Eljay Lomibao Rabot

    The language is tagalog alam mo na

  • Leanne joy Kim
    Leanne joy Kim

    *bionic and you are balds*

  • Kat Faj
    Kat Faj


  • NoY Vi
    NoY Vi


  • Beef Salad
    Beef Salad

    I love how you just started punching the fucking camera.

  • 7Underwood7


  • an asshole
    an asshole

    3:26 *I never expected to see deaky on this video, huh.*

    • Sofia Duranti
      Sofia Duranti


  • Jose David Estudillo Molina
    Jose David Estudillo Molina

    why is it that bass players do look like bass players?

  • aaron jan aniceto
    aaron jan aniceto

    slap like if you are a filipino sampalin mo ang like button kung pilipino ka

  • Dazaisart

    I'm so happy he found mina's video!

  • Yorudan San
    Yorudan San

    The video starts with W.E.E.B things

  • DIK BAG 69 420
    DIK BAG 69 420

    Uuuh Comment ... Ur Welcome 👽👽👽

  • Kazuto03_MEME

    That your bald there huh, lol

  • Ariana Viv
    Ariana Viv

    Sanpaku Eyes...👁️👁️

  • Boii

    Pin this Davie In 4:54, the caption says "You're a bassist? I don't think you're important in the band since we can't even hear it"

  • Alex 994
    Alex 994

    Avatar Aang plays bass XD

  • Tim Dunbar
    Tim Dunbar

    Glad to see Tame Impala is getting so much attention. Awesome vids Davie! TY

  • A̷K̶T̴h̵e̴F̴u̷d̷g̸e̵

    2:40 oh no he's Guitracist

  • lyn

    i love how he reacts to his own tiktoks too

  • L Drake
    L Drake

    One Slap Man shitting all over ppls tik toks lol


    4:48 are you a bassist? I don't think that's important to the band, you cant even hear it! "Tagalog" national language of Philippines :) thank me later!

  • 高橋有希

    If you look closely, the first girl played the bass

  • Cody 650
    Cody 650



    Never underestimate a bassists pro😎

  • Virginia Santiago Cajilog
    Virginia Santiago Cajilog

    4:58 I Can Translate It Are You Using Bassist She Said, Its Not Important To Use Bassist In Band, You Cannot Hear It.

  • Ace Park
    Ace Park

    Ate Yaz being featured omg

  • NOOBking XD
    NOOBking XD

    0:08 fockacing

  • Marc Hermann
    Marc Hermann

    Here's a real challenge for you Davie: Can you write/play yOuR OwN song expressing your feelings? That would give so much hope to so many of your followers! All the best :)

  • Yilin Dong
    Yilin Dong

    aaa the first girl was so good!!

  • Remi ✓
    Remi ✓

    So should I stop watching your videos because I'm not playing bass guitar or any musical instrument?😶

  • FLACK ?
    FLACK ?