I Speak with my Real Voice
Answering to serious questions and addressing the rumors about me.

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  • StuN DRaGO GAmiNG
    StuN DRaGO GAmiNG


  • Rick Astley
    Rick Astley

    Cowboy bebop

  • Avy Min
    Avy Min

    Sounds normal

  • Manuel ALV8
    Manuel ALV8


  • sorry.

    Super late, but the best anime is Ghost in the Shell.

  • Richard Bennett
    Richard Bennett

    You gotta watch FLCL if you like short Anime series

  • Vinicius Ferreira
    Vinicius Ferreira

    Ooooooo Demon Slayer.

  • Magnus Brink
    Magnus Brink

    I like Naruto and Hero academia

  • no peace
    no peace

    I love this dude

  • chris0209

    Just don't mind about the views, the subscribers, we still love you with whatever you do. So don't worry. Slappers gonna slap!!

  • tacocatplayz !
    tacocatplayz !

    Question for the supreme Slapper: In your early bass Days did you play Metallica B A S S Riffs

  • Espectro H-G
    Espectro H-G

    what are you talking about, i just watch naruto in less than 2 weeks

  • CallMe_Chocolate Very random channel
    CallMe_Chocolate Very random channel

    blend s is my fav anime

  • LalaPlayzRoblox - Gaming & Real Life
    LalaPlayzRoblox - Gaming & Real Life

    S L A P P P P P P P P

  • LalaPlayzRoblox - Gaming & Real Life
    LalaPlayzRoblox - Gaming & Real Life

    what is your old location

  • Hlo Moyo
    Hlo Moyo

    Yoooo!! 0:53 the guy is wearing a TwoSetViolin apparel !!

  • The 85th Gaming
    The 85th Gaming

    1:07 What a wholesome response by your parents. Love that

  • GamerGenixYT

    Attack on titans

  • Dre Go
    Dre Go

    Your reason for not watching anime is the same reason I dont really watch anime. Theres a lot of "shonen" which have 100+ episodes and I hate it.

  • Carmen Benasa
    Carmen Benasa

    Davie challenge me in chess I'm a pro in my chess school

  • Brian Saunders
    Brian Saunders

    Hey partner, keep doing what your doing! I don’t play any instruments but, I love the bass and you make fun and interesting. Rock on!🤘🏻

  • Arsyad Lazim
    Arsyad Lazim

    One punch man!!!

  • kimneichong Chongneo
    kimneichong Chongneo

    My favourite anime is one punch man

  • Mythic

    1:00 i bet its pp (jk)

  • Doobie Jones
    Doobie Jones

    Love this video brother. You are real! Even when you're being your multi- media alter self your keeping it real. For your ride and die fans we know this. Glad you're doing this video for the people who thought you were serious. Your entire shtick was making fun of yourself! The only things I ever thought was real on this channel is that you are a for real bad ass bassist! And that Italian dudes have Japanese school girl legs! Keep laying down the funk Davie! 😊😎🤘

  • Guy XVIII Schwartz
    Guy XVIII Schwartz

    Who would have thought that even legends like davie have only one camera and has to use hacks like us normal folks.

  • Christian Ravera
    Christian Ravera

    Loved this video... great job!

  • noorush

    OMG ...i like your honesty stronzo....i slap like now !

  • Ateeba

    Yeh that’s why I never got watch dragon ball Z

  • saemikneu

    I don't like Anime. But one, also the anime on film form, I dig is "Death Note". A college student gets a magical notebook. If he writes down a name of a person, the person dies.

  • Nathan Hillen
    Nathan Hillen

    Cowboy Bebop is the funkiest Anime (and only a handful of episodes)

  • Windigo

    No one : Davie:😐

  • devryl

    I cant believe, I watched this till the end. xD

  • TheGodOfPez

    Davie is the guy we all wish was our neighbor.

  • sleepydragon1975

    Cowboy Bebop! Some PHAT bass in there too! :)

  • Megan Phelan
    Megan Phelan

    Can you try to get some sleep? You have dark eye bags

  • Shane

    Davie you are so wholesome. i would say don't change, but you keep evolving into something better and it's great. Keep up the good work React to this comment NOW, or i will call the Police.

  • GamoL naPasaway
    GamoL naPasaway

    I just slapped subscribed to your yt channel even though im not a musician. I dont even know why

  • Esteban Rodriguez
    Esteban Rodriguez

    Yo haven't seen JoJo?!? You broke my heart...

  • DeLeoYT

    0:00 ciao hhahaha davie in italian

  • Lucy

    I don't have favourite anime

  • Hugo Rodriguez
    Hugo Rodriguez

    One Piece

  • Zerite Knight
    Zerite Knight

    Respect for not letting the mob cancel you for stupid stuff

  • Eccentric Ninny
    Eccentric Ninny

    same reason why I never watch Naruto and One Piece is because they have so much episodes to watch back.. my childhood faves were Flame of Recca, Slamdunk and Dragon BallZ

  • Brian S
    Brian S

    Davie: Do you ever get tired of eating food? Actually, yes...

  • lherdy Muhi
    lherdy Muhi


  • REECE2HD Gov
    REECE2HD Gov


  • Danny.Batman


  • Olivier DOMINIQUE
    Olivier DOMINIQUE

    Regarding Anime, you should definitely give a slap to FLCL (if not already done). 6 episodes, and a ("slightly" modified Rickenbaker) bass... Cowboy Bebop is another good one (26 episodes) with an excellent soundtrack.

  • Joyce Anne Mercader
    Joyce Anne Mercader

    I watch Jojo because of Davie but I'm not disappointed if he don't watch the whole Jojo I love how truthful he was


    People who has question with doubts... I think they are just loosers n jealous of u. So i think it better if u dont bother bout these people cus they can't appriciate themseves that why they Don't know how to appreciate other. So chilll n pls make videos as u did.. cus u put a smile on million face n I personally thank u. Good job n Good luck. be always blessed.

  • Ekaboswu Assumiswu
    Ekaboswu Assumiswu

    Watch Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack On Titan.n I'll start making bass too. checkmate OMG

  • Monkey D Luffy
    Monkey D Luffy

    One piece

  • Dr.Thiccensmerch

    Banana Fish is an incredible anime with only one season. I definitely recommend it.

  • Nicolas Richard
    Nicolas Richard

    My fav anime is crayon shin chan , adult swim version. Think you would love the humour. About your playing skills , i think you are a multidisciplinary artist that can go from an instrument to another with lil time adaptation and rock the place up. Love the vids keep em coming. I hope to see one day you play NES titles , ie megaman 2-3 , that would be epic

  • irena Nikolova
    irena Nikolova


  • Squareboo

    demon slayer is a rlly good anime tho

  • Drac Frost
    Drac Frost


  • Patrick McLaughlin
    Patrick McLaughlin

    Check out Attack on Titan and Black Clover too Davie, they aren’t super long either

  • paula flor
    paula flor

    You look tired, you should rest for a year without youtube.

  • Francesco Rivabella
    Francesco Rivabella

    Maamamammamamamamma ma molla demon slayer

  • Johnny G
    Johnny G

    Respect to you Davie504 - so honest, sincere and down to earth! In a superficial world you are very welcomed!

  • Nick J. Ash Music
    Nick J. Ash Music

    Ciao Stronzo OMG get me far in Italy? 😂

  • Argothian Swine
    Argothian Swine

    Just skip One Piece. It's garbage.

  • J Bass
    J Bass

    Never thought of recording my videos that way, mine are all live hense the mess on bass 🤣🤣

  • Fernando Balieiro
    Fernando Balieiro

    Davie isn't the best bAssist ever?! OMG!

  • Istalri-

    I unsubscribed a while ago when you told me to subscribe as a joke, but for some reason I forgot to resubscribe lol

  • DrewyJin

    i wish this video was longer~ real davie is just so sweet~

  • John Ferry
    John Ferry

    You look like Rocky Balboa. Can you play its opening song?

  • KrayRdy

    This post is late, but to anyone who sees this. You are a boss, and if you struggle with watching long animes like me. You can try to tackle it season by season instead of thinking of it as a whole. You can do it!

  • Shadow Lord
    Shadow Lord

    Two things: One: Why is there only one like button?!?! Two: why is there piano music in the background and not bass? (Though as a pianist I’m not complaining)

  • Alfred Yerger
    Alfred Yerger

    Davie, try to get in on Pogchamps! It would be huge for your channel and you'd get to learn chess from an IM or GM!

  • MundosMeridianos


  • Mr. Artiste
    Mr. Artiste

    His first anime was dragon ball. That is EPIC “O M G”

  • bo. xi
    bo. xi

    Tokyo Ghoul, Blue Exorcist


    Jojo ONLY

  • Lelis Games
    Lelis Games

    The best Animes are: - Yuyu Hakusho - Dragon Ball Z - Saint Seiya SLAP thes animes

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    Watch "Death Note"

  • Vanessa D Music
    Vanessa D Music

    I love this video

  • Ammar


  • Tendou Satori
    Tendou Satori

    Davie holds a really big part in my heart

  • Jason Sengyung
    Jason Sengyung

    You were great , but now you are nothing but a meme ,

  • the lifted dutchman
    the lifted dutchman

    my favourite anime is attack on titan, it also only has 75 episodes.

  • Cedrik Punzalan
    Cedrik Punzalan

    schiaffo come adesso

  • Phú Sỹ
    Phú Sỹ

    Chào from Vietnam :)))

  • Hajime Hinata
    Hajime Hinata

    thx for the advice of playing bass

  • Sanay Dhote
    Sanay Dhote

    My favourite Anime: Oda Nobuna no Yabou Episode: 12

  • marco villa
    marco villa


  • Hwong Fam
    Hwong Fam

    00:00 YOU SPOKE VIETNAMESE????????

    • Hwong Fam
      Hwong Fam

      @joshhx oh😢 i thought he said "Chao", hello in Vietnam

    • joshhx

      he said Ciao, im pretty sure, Hello in Italian.

  • Irish Samontina
    Irish Samontina


  • Irish Samontina
    Irish Samontina


  • Irish Samontina
    Irish Samontina

    You are funny By the way I'm your new subscriber


    I challenge you to play the Opening of Attack on titan Season 4 ( with Bassssss)

  • Help me to reach 1k with Video
    Help me to reach 1k with Video

    Slap now

  • Milutin ITC
    Milutin ITC

    Best place to start live performance again is EXIT festival. It would be EPIC...

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    roberta esposito

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    Alma It-itan


3,1 mio.