i play the synth for the first time EVER
Playing the synth keyboard for the first time ever.. also im bald
slap like = 1 new hair and leave comment = 10 new hair
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  • Davie504

    which instrument should I play next? leave a *bald* comment NOW 👨🏻‍🦲

    • Reuel Allen Virata De Guzman
      Reuel Allen Virata De Guzman

      play the acordion next

    • Sebastian's Piano
      Sebastian's Piano

      play on what it hangs on to

    • Night Wolf
      Night Wolf


    • William Sebastian
      William Sebastian




  • Louis H
    Louis H

    Just awesome, makes me wanna buy a synth now

  • Lakshan Adi
    Lakshan Adi

    It's a only keyboard not a bass guitar 😅😅😅

  • WallyWaffle

    Play the cat piano

  • Patrick trabajos
    Patrick trabajos

    Insert regular show intro here: 0:54

  • zakor

    Ok ma sai suonare il flauto

  • Beastmaster 64
    Beastmaster 64

    Very impressive but can you play the tambourine?

  • Domenico Motta
    Domenico Motta

    I love When musicians SLtoosrs make music

  • Buzz Killington
    Buzz Killington

    He's the Skald guy

  • Kent Almen
    Kent Almen

    This should be an anime intro

  • Andreas Worman Holmgaard
    Andreas Worman Holmgaard

    So GuD!

  • Caroline Hafner
    Caroline Hafner

    Didn't know Joe Satriani played synth! 🤘🤘

  • jdimstr0013

    Guitar with a pick

  • Purple Eyes Everywhere
    Purple Eyes Everywhere

    Its lacking bass

  • Turbo Charger
    Turbo Charger

    This needs to be on Spotify. I need M O R E synth B A S S and funk

  • Kevin Mathiasen
    Kevin Mathiasen

    Good original idea! 😉

  • Seven Bates
    Seven Bates

    Damn that was legitimately good, Davie...ditch the bald gag tho

  • Amr El Nterini
    Amr El Nterini

    The music is actually pretty groovy funky.. makes me move my 🅱️ASS

  • Vaishnavi Jadhav
    Vaishnavi Jadhav

    Can you speak marathi?

  • Chubby Huang
    Chubby Huang

    I can't stop staring at Davie's scalp. lol

  • Mohd Hakimi
    Mohd Hakimi

    This man's so talented,he should be a professional bass player

  • JhongYT

    He just stares into your soul while making great music.

  • Rickard Remelin
    Rickard Remelin

    I don't think you have any clue how good this is. PLEASE make more!!!!!

  • Sebastian's Piano
    Sebastian's Piano

    Why did you stole ur bald from an old man ? :D

  • Zachary Tellier-Hunt
    Zachary Tellier-Hunt

    This is more hilarious than I can describe

  • aneyelesspig

    Why does bald Davie look exactly the same mirrored and not mirrored?

  • Michael Gilbert
    Michael Gilbert

    This is honestly so god damn funny I am losing my shit

  • Maria Pia Mancino
    Maria Pia Mancino

    Mani a ragno daveeee mani a ragnoooo

  • Samuel Adams
    Samuel Adams

    This was a cool video.

  • Anthony Metcalf
    Anthony Metcalf

    I've never seen someone play the synth so much like a bass but I guess that makes perfect sense, and lo and behold it works really well. SLAP THOSE KEYS

  • Zardy

    He uses a bag of a headband or a haircut

  • Bill in Eatontown, NJ
    Bill in Eatontown, NJ

    2 slaps for excellence!! Have you ever played the harp?

  • Wesley Billy
    Wesley Billy

    This was great

  • 9 Bagus Sujana
    9 Bagus Sujana

    I hope you can play harmonica😀😀👍👍

  • Rickard Remelin
    Rickard Remelin

    Only today I've listened to this melody at least 20 times. It's just awesome! PLEASE for the love of anything holy, make more!!!

  • Efraín Castillo González
    Efraín Castillo González

    Pov you’re playing Geometry Dash

  • Fatalmorgana

    this song should be a soundtrack in street of rage hidden boss stage map, so cool..! ☝

  • Preview43

    I've got 7 different synths now and had up to 12 over 30 years and I STILL can't play for shit. Watching this being played on a mini keyboard makes me feel like such a loser.

  • Compiller


  • Compiller

    funky brossssssssssssss

  • Matt Bolt
    Matt Bolt

    you didnt shave your hair. It's just a cover isnt it? That's why your head looks a little bulbous on the top

  • Psedo Studios
    Psedo Studios

    whats the synth model?

  • Илиана Генчева
    Илиана Генчева

    you don't get enough credit for how good a musician you really are.

  • BenRegen

    *standing ovation*

  • Show Lolli & Dolli
    Show Lolli & Dolli


  • Laxy

    0:54-0:56 Sounds like the opening music in regular show

  • BlueFlameBird

    Does this mean Seth's next video will have him being davie and slapping bass

  • Mokongthe3

    very impressive

  • Tấn Đạt Dương
    Tấn Đạt Dương

    cool hair

  • Ivan Petro
    Ivan Petro

    0:53 Quake 4.......... ...... ..

  • Davindra Lakhan
    Davindra Lakhan

    EPICO!!! I Slap the subscribe!!

  • Poncho S-lavón
    Poncho S-lavón

    That could have been the soundtrack of some old school Sonic game!! You're EPIC!

  • Joey Gernaat
    Joey Gernaat

    Lol this song is actually f'in awesome

  • TastyGiggidy

    Why didn't he play jump

  • Tommy A
    Tommy A

    3:33 B A L D

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore

    Not a synth

  • Miguel

    caLbo! (:

  • Davide Quadrio
    Davide Quadrio

    Davie Wonder

  • FoxxyYT

    I neeeeeed that first notes and the last ones in a 1h loop

  • Mrypm

    play in the Mayonise

  • B Droid
    B Droid


  • John28M GMA
    John28M GMA

    Seth Everman has corrupted you a and now you are not longer the bass man but one more bald guy play synth ... 🤣 Seth must be proud of your new minion

  • St. Todd Howard
    St. Todd Howard

    Sega Genesis vibes

  • Ericli N1
    Ericli N1

    This sounds like something Stevie Wonder would make, along with some other remix artists, I believe that should be a compliment. Otherwise, this is an absolute BANGER

  • Carlos D
    Carlos D

    Daft punk? more like = Punk Daft

  • Wiktor Mazurkiewicz
    Wiktor Mazurkiewicz

    Now u are like observators in fringe 😂

  • Raw Artist
    Raw Artist

    try drums next plzz

  • Krishnaditya Gaur
    Krishnaditya Gaur

    Pretty cool, but can you play sitar?

  • Reliquary87

    That deadpan stare, love it!

  • Stanfordz Barzo
    Stanfordz Barzo

    The first arp synth thing sounded so much like "It's been so long" I thought it was gonna drop to that lmao

  • Callum Carscadden
    Callum Carscadden


  • SpeEdo Speed
    SpeEdo Speed

    He looks like Seth Everman lmfaoooo

  • Vincent Vaucherey
    Vincent Vaucherey

    One comment

  • iLatios3

    The perfect combo doesn't exist Davie Evermann: Hold my Bald!

  • Roberto

    Nice playing but great video editing. Che bello!

  • Donnie Chase
    Donnie Chase

    You should play the concertina!

  • Alexi the GAMER!
    Alexi the GAMER!

    Nice shiny head saitama

  • Artem Osipov
    Artem Osipov

    could u play on Ottobasso?))

  • Landon Finley
    Landon Finley

    Italian Seth Everman

  • Chad Compton Film
    Chad Compton Film

    Lol I didn’t know him being bald would be canonical 😂😂

  • S C
    S C

    Bald davie504 more like bald cap David504

  • Daniel Orellana
    Daniel Orellana

    0:42 sounds like a song of trickfinger (John frusciante)

  • Discount Corpse
    Discount Corpse

    I fucking love it its catchy

  • Flygbeaver

    Sounds like Jazz Jack Rabbit :-D

  • n

    0:21 the man behind the slaughter ???

  • Trigger Happy
    Trigger Happy

    Hill climb racing

  • Ravi de Jong
    Ravi de Jong

    Is this on Spotify? It sounds great

  • Jalen Norwood
    Jalen Norwood

    Hears the first arpeggioed synth Thinks about fnaf

  • Sebastian Findling
    Sebastian Findling

    what's the song name?

  • Morro Lo
    Morro Lo

    eee ma Waaaaaao 🙉 🙉 🙉

  • Ozzy the Smol Bean
    Ozzy the Smol Bean



    Davieeverman on that piano... My life is wholeosme

  • Dominik Hradil
    Dominik Hradil

    MORE PLEASE!!!!!

  • sossiotv2011

    Ciao sono italiano sei un grande

  • Dreamymaccready2287

    I think you should try playing bass, you might like it

  • Jay Adrian Bulacoy
    Jay Adrian Bulacoy

    I Love You 😘

  • Godihatethisplace

    Man that baldcap is annoying

  • Маркус Sullivan
    Маркус Sullivan


  • Zamasu Arkane
    Zamasu Arkane

    Instrument: Joe

  • Matteo Centomo
    Matteo Centomo

    Uno che suoni una canzone di Elio e le Storie Tese....