Why Is He Playing BASS Like THIS??
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Reacting to some of the craziest bass players of the internet

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Videos I reacted to:
Power drill bass: sltoos.info/for/yaCvtseeaqWonKw/video
Double bass standing on it: sltoos.info/for/2XlusJuZrJaTv4Y/video
Quintin Berry: sltoos.info/for/vaeoyqSTgoWS0X4/video
Japanese bassists solos sltoos.info/for/0peMy8-fjrF3t5w/video
Mono Neon: sltoos.info/for/rX-umad6kJmFrHo/video
Playing with teeth: sltoos.info/for/t2WD2ryWm2ukxmk/video
Playing with Bow: sltoos.info/for/qWqLrdCKbGSpl5w/video
One Bass 4 Hands: sltoos.info/for/1oic38ukmYuqtaQ/video
Bass on bass sltoos.info/for/35SEvtN3ppqTlaw/video

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      0:57 by the clothes it burns or it doesn't burn

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    Why do you never played bass with the power of your mind?

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    Jimi Hendrix was a huge impact on my playing. But when I think of him, I don't think of the hit songs like purple haze or him playing with his teeth sometimes. I tried that when I was a teenager, but it didn't seem that useful. I think of how he played and what he was.

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    "I did it for views" The honesty is overwhelming!

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    Mono Neon = Bliss

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    I sent Quintin a text and told him to answer you. And yes, he can and does play "regular"..... Checkmate

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    In thelast Video. A Double Bass was Played.

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    Bass Lives Matter.😂😂😂 Great...now people are gonna get mad anytime a cop decides to play the bass.😂😂😂

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    good job not talking shit about Victor wooten.

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    Paul Beauregard

    Pianists are taught to keep their wrists loose and level for most of their playing...maybe 95 - 98% of it. When I watch traditional bass technique where the right hand wrist is bent and completely hyper-extended, it looks very painful to me to see all the tendons, nerves and blood vessels being pinched in that 'V' shape. As I just viewed Quintin Berry's relaxed, straight wrist I said: "Ah, that's so much better!"

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    Standing on your double bass is about as cringe as Yo-Yo's, hula hoops, and Punkrock music.

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    Mono Neon played with Prince.

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    "Bass therapy"... With no base is working... Omg!

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    For the electric bass with the bow would't it be easier to play it like a standard double bass?

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    I saw a guy play a bass from under like that and was absolutely insane. Dude slapped like a monster.

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    I hope after that video Quintin Berry gets the recognition he deserves. He is a very, very good bass player. Check him out... in one clip he is just jamming to a rhythm line, and it's so good that it is sick.

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    Mono Neon and Alex Moukala need all of your attention, folks. Love those players

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    2:47 - I need to know more about this. Where can I find this video and these guys?

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    Not sure how many people realised that the Fish on the fish part is actually a Bass (Sea Bass) LOL

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    Kirks wah pedal

    2:30 he said that his worst fear is to injure his hand Steve vai injured his picking hand and played an extremely epic song with one hand

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    Perche le cose più stupide sono anche le piu epiche why

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    Have you ever eat spicy chili pepper then play bass???

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    This Bass Dude who was playing Bass with as Bass destroyed my joke bc in the former clip the Bass player probably was told to enjoy some Bass and he did that. It's wouldn't have been funny anyway. But W H Y?

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